True cost of a typical trade show

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The booth space cost is Just 28% of a total trade-show budget
— Trade Show Institute
The smallest 10’X10’ booth space is only $2,800 but this equates to a total trade show cost of $10,000 by the time it’s done... all to meet with tire-kickers?
— Randy M. - VP Marketing
A Carpathia event delivers 100% decision makers... zero tire-kickers just looking for the new stuff... and bonds networking relationships that have a 75% conversion rate compared to 15% from Trade Show contacts. All for just a few bucks more than getting the smallest booth at a typical Trade Show!
— Charles C. - President / CEO

Marketing Profs Inc. and the Trade Show Institute show us there are plenty of hidden costs exhibiting at a Trade Show. It's clearly not just the cost of the booth. When added up... most realize that they are spending a lot of money to meet with mostly non-decision making tire kickers in which 92% are solely there to see the new industry products. The cost of a Summit such as Carpathia's starts looking pretty darn reasonable when you consider the entire picture. Carpathia events are all inclusive. No worries... There is no charging you $300 for a trash can and $75 for electrical hook up to charge your i-phone in the Carpathia world.