Stronger contacts, better view.

A Carpathia Summit. The Best ROI Ever.

Carpathia rescues your sales and marketing - quickly

RMS Carpathia - The day it rescued the Titanic survivors

The Tradeshow model often sinks. It usually takes days on end to navigate. You are left with confusion, your feet hurt, and then you come home to hundreds of inbound phone and email nags. At a Carpathia Summit, in just two and a half days you will accomplish far more than you ever would dream at a Trade Show or industry conference. True decision-maker delegates and elite sponsor suppliers specific to each industry make it time well spent. 


an exclusive event format that is different.

One-on-One Business "Speed Dating" - Adventure Networking - Industry Certification

   The Summit's delegates (invitation only) are buyers that are the TOP decision makers. C-level owners, CEO's and Presidents are matched with world class supplier fully vetted sponsors from their industry. Everyone has a dream "Bucket-List" destination in mind… and perhaps a "Bucket-List" of people they want to network with to make their careers skyrocket. A Carpathia Summit gives you both. 

Day One, One-On-One.

On meeting day, (Day One) you will have several personal, face to face meetings. This business "Speed Dating" format is very productive. Top line, senior level decision makers are able to meet one-on-one with each "Vetted" supplier sponsor. Each meeting is 20 min in length. All meetings are scheduled to reflect mutual needs and interest. Be careful of the sand crabs…  meetings have been known to be memorable, some even ocean side.

Day Two,  Adventure Networking. 

You will pick a networking adventure that perhaps is on your bucket list. Maybe you choose a relaxing Golf outing shoreside, snorkeling, horseback riding, or maybe you go for it... join a networking team, and captain a fast moving sailing yacht or even take a chopper to a glacier top. (Sorry… we provide the pilot). Carpathia Summits are different than industry meetings or trade shows. They create unparalleled relationship bonding and friendships with people that can change your life…. for the better.  

Day Three,  Certification. 

Day three is optional. Your Carpathia Summit will offer a third day of education and industry certification to those interested. Be prepared, all hands on deck. Certification the Carpathia way is different. No boring classrooms, no long winded teachers with pen protectors, and no tiny, hard chairs with desk attached. We think learning should not only be interesting, but fun and full of energy. Earn your certification in five star surroundings, with top of the industry instructors while nibbling on world class food with an unforgettable view. Leave your suit and tie at home. Bring shorts and some sunscreen. 

Be Assured of a few things. 

We can assure you a few things... You will head back home checking off a bucket list destination and adventure. You won't  go home hungry,  nor will you go home without the best business relationships you have ever encountered. It's the Carpathia way. 

In 35 years of going to conferences… I have NEVER been to an experience like this”
— John Darby - Four Seasons Hotels