IIDA CEO Joins Carpathia as Keynote

IIDA CEO Joins Carpathia as Keynote

Press Release

Chicago, IL - September 2017

Hospitality Summit Keynote Presentation

CEO of IIDA joins Carpathia as Hospitality Summit Keynote

Carpathia Summits is pleased to announce keynote Cheryl Durst, Hon. FIIDA, LEED AP, Executive Vice President and CEO of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). Durst will be joining the audience of Hospitality Thought Leaders for the February 2018 Summit in beautiful Puerto Rico.

Described by Interior Design magazine as “an ambassador for innovation and expansion, and a visionary strategist,” Durst is a highly-regarded champion for all things interior design. With two decades of design leadership to reflect on, Durst is a subject matter expert on the future of design. Carpathia looks forward to the unique insights and ideas that Durst will share at the Hospitality Summit.

Durst’s keynote presentation on The Impact of Design: User Experience will focus on:

·      How design is driving trends in the hospitality marketplace—from creating hyper-local travel experiences to the types of amenities offered.

·      Design as an effective and increasingly important marketing tool.

·      Providing unique hospitality design solutions tailored to specific target markets and how managers can harness the power of design to appeal to different demographics.

If you would like to join Durst and Carpathia at the Hospitality Summit, please click HERE to request more information.

About International Interior Design Association

IIDA (www.iida.org) is the Commercial Interior Design Association with global reach. We support design professionals, industry affiliates, educators, students, firms, and their clients through our network of 15,000+ members across 58 countries. IIDA advocates for advancement in education, design excellence, legislation, leadership, accreditation, and community outreach to increase the value and understanding of interior design as a profession that enhances business value and positively impacts the health and well-being of people’s lives every day.

About Carpathia Summits

Carpathia Summits is an innovative events company (www.carpathiasummits.com) offering customers a chance to build meaningful connections through Bucket-list networking events. We are creating high-level Summits focused on idea-sharing, relationship acceleration, and – most importantly – adventure networking sure to build lasting bonds.


Carpathia Summits

Leslie Venetz, VP Business Development



Octane Fitness partners with Carpathia

Octane Fitness partners with Carpathia

Octane Fitness to Attend Carpathia’s Hospitality Summit

September, 2017

Octane Fitness, a leading global premium fitness equipment manufacturer, is partnering with Carpathia Summits on the 2018 Hospitality Summit in Puerto Rico. As the only worldwide manufacturer that is dedicated exclusively to zero-impact equipment, Octane provides superior workouts through its unprecedented innovations and motivational, innovative programming.   The trend for hotels to place greater emphasis on guest wellness continues, as does the need for hotels to create a better fitness center experience for their guests.

Today’s hotel guests demand the best fitness equipment on the market. Octane’s collaboration with Carpathia will ensure that the right connections are created to bring premium products and workouts to hotel guests nationwide.

Since 2003, Octane Fitness has received 120 Best Buy awards and top rankings, including Oprah’s Favorite Things, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® Award, Excellence in Design and Sporting Goods Business Innovator of the Year. Its products are in demand worldwide at health clubs, pro athlete training centers, colleges and universities, corporations, hotel and hospitality centers and government and municipal facilities. Carpathia is excited to partner with a company that is passionately dedicated to reinventing exercise.

Learn more about Octane Fitness and its unique products at www.octanefitness.com.

If you are interested in meeting with Octane Fitness at the Hospitality Summit, or would like to join us in Puerto Rico for the Hospitality Summit, request more information HERE.

About Octane Fitness:

Relentlessly fueled to reinvent zero-impact cardiovascular exercise, Octane Fitness, a Nautilus®, Inc. brand, has perfected the elliptical machine, introduced a new category with the xRide® recumbent elliptical, designed strength-infused cardio with the unique CROSS CiRCUIT®, created exercise in a new direction with the LateralX®, reinvented running with the Zero Runner®, optimized cross training with the XT-One™ that does it all and is leading smarter training with SmartLink™. Defined by standout innovations, Octane is driven to deliver the most effective, efficient and rewarding workouts.

About Carpathia Summits:

Carpathia Summits is an innovative events company (www.carpathiasummits.com) offering customers a chance to build meaningful connections through Bucket-list networking events. We are creating high-level Summits focused on idea-sharing, relationship acceleration, and – most importantly – adventure networking, sure to build lasting bonds.  


Carpathia Summits Leslie Venetz, VP Business Development



Electro-Media President to lead Carpathia Hospitality Round Table

Electro-Media President to lead Carpathia Hospitality Round Table

Press Release

Chicago, IL - August 2017

Hospitality Summit Round Table led by Electro-Media Design

President, Electro-Media Design to Moderate ArchiTechnologySM Discussion

Carpathia Summits is pleased to announce that Jeff Loether, ISHC, President and Founder of Electro-Media Design, will be joining the Hospitality Summit as a Round Table Moderator and Sponsor. With four decades of experience, Loether is one of the world’s foremost experts in audiovisual, presentation, entertainment, and event technology and acoustic design.

Loether provides world-class ArchiTechnologySM consulting for entertainment and event spaces. As a prime resource for architects, hotel developers, and management companies looking for practical design and profitable operations, Loether will share his top insights with attendees at the 2018 Hospitality Summit.

Throughout his career with Marriott (1980-1990) and since, Jeff has been recognized as a thought-leader in the event and entertainment design space. He has developed and taught many workshops, seminars, and classes. Loether was inducted into the International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) in recognition of his accomplishments, is a Founding Member of the Independent Consultants in Audiovisual Technologies (ICAT), and is currently serving on the

International Association of Conference Center (IACC) Board of Directors–The Americas.

Carpathia is excited to partner with Electro-Media Design, bringing Loether’s expertise and insights to the invite-only Summit. Carpathia’s Round Table Discussions are designed to create an intimate, open environment allowing attendees to share ideas while receiving feedback directly from an expert. Loether’s Round Table Discussion titled ArchiTechnologySM:  The Intersection of Architecture & Technology to Create the Ultimate Guest Experience will answer questions like:

·      How do sensory perceptions affect the guests’ experiences and emotional memories?

·      What design decisions should be made to create the best acoustic environment?

·      What is the future of meeting and event space design, and how do we prepare?

If you would like to join Electro-Media Design and Carpathia at the Hospitality Summit, please click HERE to request more information.

About Electro-Media Design

Electro-Media Design (EMD) is an AudioVisual and Acoustical consulting and design firm. EMD offers a full range of Audiovisual systems design and acoustical consultations with expertise in audio, video, control, and related presentation, entertainment, and communications technology. EMD’s practice has expanded to include Audiovisual Operational and Management consulting to address the entire AV systems lifecycle. As independent consultants, EMD has provided consulting services for over 900 projects globally including hotels, conference & convention centers, spas and resorts, restaurants and nightclubs, and meeting rooms.

About Carpathia Summits

Carpathia Summits is an innovative events company (www.carpathiasummits.com) offering customers a chance to build meaningful connections through Bucket-list networking events. Wecreate high-level Summits focused on idea-sharing, relationship acceleration, and – most importantly – adventure networking, sure to build lasting bonds.

Contact Carpathia Summits

Leslie Venetz, VP Business Development



Dyson partners with Carpathia

Dyson partners with Carpathia

Carpathia Summits Partners with Dyson

Dyson to sponsor Carpathia’s Hospitality Summit

July, 2017 – Chicago, IL

Carpathia Summits, host of the Hospitality Summit in Puerto Rico, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Dyson Inc. As a highly-respected global brand, Dyson is excited to share their range of technology with the Hospitality Summit Delegation in February 2018.

Carpathia’s invite-only Summits bring together innovative, exciting Solution Providers with senior-level decision makers. We focus on quality connections. That focus on quality makes Dyson an ideal partner. Each Dyson machine is designed with productivity and well-being in mind – helping improve the experience of hotel guests.

To learn more about the range of Dyson products please visit their website at www.dyson.com. Don’t forget to take a look at their case studies to better understand how your hotel or other establishments can benefit from Dyson’s offerings.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can meet Dyson at Carpathia’s Hospitality Summit please visit our website or request more information by clicking here.

Stay connected by following @Dyson and @TeamCarpathia on Twitter and Instagram!

About Carpathia Summits - Carpathia Summits is an innovative events company (www.carpathiasummits.com) offering customers a chance to build meaningful connections through Bucket-list networking events. We are creating high-level Summits focused on idea-sharing, relationship acceleration, and – most importantly – adventure networking sure to build lasting bonds.


Carpathia Summits

Leslie Venetz, VP Business Development



Dean, NY School of Design Joins Carpathia Summit

Dean, NY School of Design Joins Carpathia Summit

Carpathia Announces Hospitality Panel Discussion

Dean, New York School of Interior Design joins Carpathia as Panel Moderator

Chicago, IL – July, 2017

Carpathia Summits is excited to announce the addition of Ellen Fisher to our lineup of Distinguished Presenters at the Hospitality Summit in February 2018. Fisher, who is the Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean for the New York School of Interior Design will be moderating a Panel Discussion with industry top executives from Marriott, WP Hospitality, and KHP Capital Partners.

Having recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary, NYSID is ranked the #1 interior design program in the US. With alumni working at Gensler, the Rockwell Group, Robert A.M. Stern Architects, and Jeffrey Bears International, to name just a few, NYSID is renowned as a premiere institution. Fisher has served as Dean of NYSID for nearly a decade, sharing her experience with students and design professionals alike. In 2017, Fisher was named one of the “25 Most Admired Educators for 2016-17” by DesignIntelligence.

Fisher will moderate a captivating dialogue between Danielle Allen, VP of Interior Design – Luxury Brands at Marriott; Mark Linch, SVP of Capital Projects & Technical Services at WP Hospitality (formerly Capella Hotel Group); and Dane Patunoff, Director of Design & Construction at KHP Capital Partners. The Panel Discussion on Industry Best Practices will address current topical issues, with talking points including :

·      What’s Next: The Future of Design Trends

·      Design Strategy: Innovation for Maximum Impact

·      Brand Value: How is Hotel Brand Value Changing

·      Hospitality as an Experience: Adapting to Consumers

If you are interested in learning what insights these industry leaders will be sharing, join us in Puerto Rico for the Hospitality Summit. You can request more information HERE.

About New York School of Interior Design - Ranked the #1 interior design school in the United States by DesignIntelligence, the New York School of Interior Design is a private, non-profit college focused exclusively on interior design. The college offers certificate, undergraduate, and graduate programs for students at all stages of their careers – whether they’re just becoming familiar with the discipline, considering a career change, or looking to deepen knowledge in a particular area. More than 600 NYSID students are studying residential and commercial interior design, some with specialties in sustainable design, lighting, and healthcare interiors, enjoy a small class size and sharp focus, a great deal of personal attention from dedicated faculty, and they go on to practice at the highest levels of the profession. To learn more, visit NYSID.edu.

About Carpathia Summits - Carpathia Summits is an innovative events company (www.carpathiasummits.com) offering customers a chance to build meaningful connections through Bucket-list networking events. We are creating high-level Summits focused on idea-sharing, relationship acceleration, and – most importantly – adventure networking, sure to build lasting bonds.


Carpathia Summits

Leslie Venetz, VP Business Development




Hotels adjust designs for traveling Women

Hotels adjust designs for traveling Women

Several members of our Carpathia team recently attended the design show NeoCon in Chicago. One of the feature panel discussions was Designing for the 50 Percent: Hospitality for the Savvy Traveling Woman, we were surprised to learn that over 50% of travelers are women, many of whom are solo business travelers. Taking this in to account, hotels are adjusting their brand standards and design strategies to meet the demands of these customers.

This Panel was led by Mari Balestrazzi, Vice President of Design from Hyatt Hotels, Cheryl Durst, CEO of IIDA and representatives from The Gettys Group, Tick Inc, and The SimplyBe Agency. Below we’d like to share a few of the exciting take-aways from their dialogue that you can implement when considering your next project.

All of the panelists found from their personal experience as well as customer feedback that women crave a deeper connection to the places they stay. As a result, hotels are focusing on experience-driven trends that incorporate a local flavor.

As Balestrazzi shared, Hyatt really begins their design by creating a “sense of space.” When you stay with Hyatt they want you to wake up and know if you are in Hong Kong or Seattle or Chicago. There was a lot of discussion around the Renaissance Chicago, a Marriott hotel, and it’s ability to make the city so integrated with their design. Multiple Panelists gave kudos to the Renaissance for capturing the essence of Chicago with their artwork and look forward to this growing trend finding its way to other properties.

When talking about how hotels have changed their brand standards to meet the needs of women travelers, Balestrazzi noted that having either a bench of a shelf in the shower for women to shave their legs is a requirement for all rooms across their brands as well as additional lighting, outlets, and vanity space in the bathroom. It’s these little details that make all the difference when you think about the comfort of your stay. She went on to say that Hyatt wants to create balance between a room being “aesthetically delightful but also including creature comforts.”

One of our favorite topics that the Panelists discussed was around the changes we’ve seen in hotel shared spaces like the lobby, business centers, and hospitality desks. All of the Panelists agree that making a better use of this space is an important design trends that can both meet the needs of customers and maximize the ROI for hotels.

A few of the exciting trends they’ve seen are getting rid of the standard check-in desk that takes up much of the lobby and using that space to bring in another dining option or more communal areas. With a move towards digital check-in and mobile keys it sounds like traditional guest registration desks are becoming a design element of the past.

A few of the other design trends we loved are using the hotel elements to integrate “instagramable moments” (follow us @TeamCarpathia), ditching the business center in favor of co-working tech lounges, creating a wellness focus by either upgrading the fitness center experience or replacing in-house fitness by partnering with off-site facilities like SoulCycle, pet-friendly hotels, and (our personal favorite) the elevated bar cart going door-to-door during happy hour!

Are you a traveling woman - What is your favorite new design trend? Are you a Hotel DesignerWhat changes have you incorporated to make women travelers more comfortable?

Learn more about Carpathia’s Hospitality Summit where we will discuss the above trends over cocktails and during sunset horseback rides in beautiful Puerto Rico, USA at www.carpathiasummits.com or by calling 1.800.517.6399.

Excellent Ways to Attract New Customers

Excellent Ways to Attract New Customers

The article below, was originally published by American Express. "7 key ways to attract new customers". The seven ways are outlined in detail at the link at the bottom of this thread. 

This article highlights 5 that Carpathia can help you accomplish today!

The bottom line? Attending a single, well-planned event, is an efficient and cost effective way to quickly scratch off 72% of this to-do list. Scroll to the bottom to request more information or submit an application to join us at a Carpathia Bucket-List Networking Summit.

# 1 – Identify Your Ideal Client

How many times have you had a great conversation with a prospect who loves your product only to find out that they aren’t a decision-maker or don’t have a budget? As you work to grow your business and expand your roster of happy clients, you simply don’t have time to meet with people who can’t become a customer.

SOLVED: We vet all of the VIP Buyers that attend Carpathia Summits. Prior to your Bucket-List Networking event, you get access to a list of your fully-qualified “ideal clients”. From that list, you can review potential client’s needs, profiles, and biographies to determine who your best prospects will be during the Summit. Stop wasting time. Starting building relationships with buyers.

# 2 – Discover Where Your Customer Lives

In this age of social selling, where traditional sales processes and ways of reaching customers seem to constantly be evolving it can be difficult to get noticed.

SOLVED: Let us do the work for you. Our experienced team will curate an audience of your “ideal clients” for 2.5 days of relationship acceleration. All of our Summits are hosted at gorgeous, destination 5-star resorts. Trust us – your customers won’t mind living there for a few days!

# 4 – Position Yourself as the Answer

You believe in your product. You know that your product or service can solve your client’s needs better than your competitors. Now how do you convey that passion and value to your ideal clients in an authentic and persuasive way?

SOLVED: At Carpathia Summits, you will get plenty of face-time with the other attendees. No need for an elevator pitch here. Sit down for dinner on the beach and talk about business goals, moderate a Round Table Discussion and position yourself as a Thought Leader, or simply see if there is a mutual fit during a cocktail reception.

# 6 – Build Partnerships

SOLVED: This one doesn’t need an explanation. This is what Bucket-List Networking is made for. Our Summits are a direct response to boring traditional events where you waste time wandering through booths and hoping to find one qualified buyer to pitch. Networking can be fun, meaningful, and productive.

# 7 – Follow up

Follow up is easier said than done. You don’t really know if the person is interested. Are they just busy or are they ignoring your emails and phone calls. However, we all know that follow up is the key to ultimately getting a deal done.

SOLVED: We coach our Sponsors to ensure they make the most of each One-on-One Discovery Meetings. Bucket-List Networking creates strong bonds and more meaningful connections than any other event you’ve ever attended, but it is still the first step. Follow up is critical and we will guide you through best practices.


One Carpathia Bucket-List Networking Summit has solved 5 out of 7 key ways to attract new customers. If filling your pipelines to the brim and creating measurable company growth over the course of 2.5 days in a paradise location sounds great... reach out now. Let’s find a way to support your business development goals.


Please visit our website: www.carpathiasummits.com

Take a look at the original article published by American Express: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/openforum/articles/7-excellent-ways-to-attract-new-customers/


Disrupting the Traditional Events Space

Disrupting the Traditional Events Space

Carpathia Summits is here to rescue you from boring, traditional networking events.

Like you, we were sick of wandering aimlessly through expo halls hoping to find a pertinent vendor or eagerly searching hundreds of faces to identify that one key connection in the crowd. There are a handful of traps that the majority of events fall prey to:

Presentations are full of dry, pre-planned content.

Outside of a few exceptional timely speakers, you are left with a list of speakers presenting topics that they believe themselves to be “experts” on and that, often, have little relevance for the audience members. This reliance on pre-determined content stifles the creative dialogue that happens so naturally when you bring together a group of like-minded people.

 Limited time for networking.

Traditional events just hope that somehow attendees are able to create meaningful connections while grabbing a cup of coffee between sessions or while shoveling eggs & bacon in their mouth at a continental breakfast. If exciting networking opportunities are not being cultivated and fostered by the event organizers, arguably, the most important reason to attend an event is an after-thought rather than a core factor.

 Forced progression of events.

Creating structure that is too rigid encourages attendees to wine & dine key prospects outside of the event just to get a bit of one-on-one time or to sneak away if they hope to have a semi-private conversation. Traditional events do not create an environment where time is set aside to create genuine connections. Hosted activities are solely focused on giving vendors more time to pitch instead of providing all attendees a chance to connect in a more authentic way, fostering a real bond that can lead to a long-term partnership.

Do these event woes sound familiar?

We know that stronger relationships are created when we get face time with others. According to HubSpot, “85% of people say they build stronger, more meaningful relationships during in-person meetings.” Events are essential to your business. We want them to be fun again. Carpathia is here to revolutionize the way you network with relationship-based acceleration.

Carpathia is determined to disrupt the traditional event model by balancing the need for structure with an openness which allows each attendee to drive the dialogue. Pre-scheduled One-on-One Discovery Meetings will be complemented with bonding activities like a Murder/Mystery Dinner, off-site Adventure Networking Excursions, and moderated Round Table conversations.

Often when we think about Disruptors, our minds immediately jump to SaSS products heavily used by Millennials – think Uber, AirBnB, DropBox, WeWork, SoFi and the list goes on. You might be surprised to read that the oldest Millennials are 35 already. Many of them currently hold prestigious executive positions and that percentage will only grow. According to an Eventbrite study, published by Entrepreneur Magazine, “Millennials see shared experience as key to bonding: 79% feel that going to live events with others helps deepen their relationships & 69% believe attending events makes them feel more connected to people.”

 How many of your customers fall in to the Millennial bracket? You won’t find those prospects at Tradeshows & Expos so it’s time to think about a new strategy.

Carpathia Summits is here to answer the call for better events that create more meaningful connections at Bucket-List destinations. Events can save you time, provide innovative ways to overcome challenges, and increase your revenue all while you create lasting memories!

Are you picturing yourself in an afternoon meeting on the white sand beaches of Puerto Rico or making your best guess at a blind wine tasting in Napa? See what Bucket-List Networking events are being hosted in your industry at www.carpathiasummits.com/events/

You can also reach Leslie Venetz, our VP of Business Development at 800.517.6399 or via email at Leslie@CarpathiaSummits.com - We look forward

Carpathia Announces Sales Expansion

Carpathia Announces Sales Expansion

PRESS RELEASE- Chicago, IL – April, 2017

Carpathia Marketing LLC Expands Sponsorship Sales Team

Announcing the Addition of Two Senior Sales Execs

Carpathia Summits, a division of Carpathia Marketing LLC, is proud to announce the addition of two highly-skilled senior sales professionals to the team. Dan Notter & Oliver Ellsworth bring over 30 years of combined B2B business development & sales leadership experience to Carpathia. Notter & Ellsworth join Carpathia in the position of Manager, Sponsorship Sales and will be critical drivers of client development ensuring an incredible customer experience.

Dan Notter

Notter comes to us from another Chicago Startup, DNAInfo where he integrated multi-channel publishing solutions and managed all aspects of their sales process. Prior to DNAInfo, Notter spent a decade with the Chicago Tribune Media Group where he shined as their National Account Manager after being fast tracked and working his way up the ranks. This commitment to hard work, growth, and a passion for ensuring customer satisfaction will be a perfect complement to the Carpathia vision.  

When deciding to join the team, Notter said “I’m excited about this opportunity and I’m honored to be associated with such an amazing company. Carpathia is going to shake up the events industry and will become the model for others to follow.”


Oliver Ellsworth

Ellsworth joins us from innovative Google affiliated firm, Mass Interact where he excelled as a top Sales Executive. Prior to Mass Interact, Ellsworth was the Owner & COO of Lakeview Tea Company and with Startup, Glue Dots. During the decade he spent with Glue Dots, Ellsworth achieved six promotions working both in the US & European markets as a Trade Show, Product, & Sales Manager. As a former college soccer star, with  proven success in business and sales, he likes to win.  Ellsworth’s willingness to do what it takes to get the job done will empower Carpathia to always exceed expectations. Ellsworth commented, "I am extremely excited to accept the Manager, Sponsorship Sales position with Carpathia Summits. Carpathia Summits offers me an opportunity to sell the most revolutionary new product in the networking industry; business matchmaking in paradise locations. This is definitely the future of business networking and I look forward to taking on the challenge with Carpathia."

We are so pleased to expand our sales team with two incredible sales executives who truly embody Carpathia’s values of being trailblazers with passion, integrity, and resourcefulness. These foundational members of our team will be a key support for all of our Sponsors.

If you would like to know more about Sponsoring a Carpathia Bucket-List Networking Summit, please give Dan or Oliver a call at 1.800.517.6399 or visit www.carpathiasummits.com/events/

We encourage you to connect with Carpathia on LinkedIn and Twitter @TeamCarpathia.

About Carpathia Marketing LLC

Carpathia Marketing is an innovative events company (www.carpathiasummits.com) offering customers a chance to build meaningful connections through Bucket-list networking events. We are creating high-level Summits focused on idea-sharing, relationship acceleration, and – most importantly – adventure networking sure to build lasting bonds.


Carpathia Marketing LLC

Leslie Venetz, VP Business Development




The Power of Face-to-Face Networking

The Power of Face-to-Face Networking

If you’re like most busy professionals, the idea of taking 2 or 3 days out of the office to attend an event is something you know you need to do, but struggle to prioritize.

There are two questions that are asked again and again – Is it worth the time? Is it worth the money? We get it, you have to make choices for your personal and professional well-being that have a definite ROI. Time & money are both limited resources.

I’ll answer the easier question first,  

Is attending events worth the money?  

Yes, 100 X Yes!  Whether you are attending an event as a vendor, buyer, speaker, or just there to learn – events are an investment in your growth and that doesn’t have a price on it…. BUT if you want me to put a price on it:

According to research posted by Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, “For every dollar companies invest in business travel, they receive a value of $12.50. It would take three years to recover lost profits.”

That’s a powerful statistic. Are you really going to leave three years of potential revenue on the table because you don’t want to purchase a plane ticket, invest in a booth, or buy a conference pass?

As important as attracting new customers or finding preferable vendor partners is, we know that retaining those relationships is just as critical. HubSpot reveals that, “95% [of study respondents] say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships.”

We all know that you have to get yourself in front of potential partners and customers to forge the strongest and most beneficial relationships. Often, we forget about what happens when we don’t make the investment or spend the time to attend leading industry events…. our competitors attend and steal our hottest prospects!

So, is it worth the time?

Yes, 100 X Yes! “Good conferences have opportunities for attendees to mix & mingle, form new relationships, & strengthen relationships. Of, if you don’t go, your toughest competitor will be sitting in your seat,” says Rich Brooks at TakeFlyte

To move forward, it is essential to take a step back. We’ve all heard the adage of two Lumberjacks intent on cutting down a tree. One heads out and starts chopping away first thing in the morning while the other takes stock of the situation, takes time to sharpen his axe, and embarks on the task with a fresh blade. Clearly, the second Lumberjack is more productive in accomplishing his goal of chopping down the tree with a freshly sharpened axe.

If you want to be at your best, it is essential to take time away from your office, your team, and your endless stream of emails to soak up new ideas, meet new people, and refresh your mind.

In today's digital world, there is no substitute for quality, face-to-face networking. With all of the events out there, why attend a Carpathia Bucket-List Networking Summit?

The Carpathia Summits’ business model is designed with an emphasis on genuine networking allowing you to create meaningful connections. Each Summit includes ample time to create bonds over meals, cocktail receptions, evening entertainment, and adventure networking excursions. As Rich Stromback shares with the Harvard Business Review, “Nobody wants to have a networking conversation, especially those at the highest levels of business & politics. They are hungry for real conversations & real relationships. It has to be authentic, genuine and secure.”

Leslie Venetz - VP Business Development / Carpathia

 Are you ready to revolutionize the way you network? Visit www.carpathiasummits.com/events/ to see what #BucketListNetworking is happening in your industry.

Don’t see a Summit in your Industry?  Ask us for one!  We’d love to connect with you and hear your feedback! You can find us on Twitter @TeamCarpathia and on LinkedIn. You can also reach out to VP of Business Development, Leslie Venetz, at Leslie@CarpathiaSummits.com



Networking is not easy...actually sometimes it's just downright difficult. 

Networking is not easy...actually sometimes it's just downright difficult. 

Why Our form of networking drives better results.

We've all been to the event where you wander aimlessly through the confusing expo hall booths, exchange business cards with people you know you'll never follow-up with, and sit through hours of content lacking in any new ideas. When you get home?  A pile of fog, confusion, and then some of them call you to follow-up.  You don't even remember them but you act like you do. Afterall, you met with hundreds of them. 

Over the past two months, full of hours upon hours of research and dozens of conversations with potential customers, it's been made clear that everybody wants to network. As much as everybody talks about wanting to grow their network, what they really want is to grow their network with peers and colleagues who can make a meaningful contribution to their success. LinkedIN certainly has helped focus the audience of networking... but it does not have the ability to truly build relationships. 

At Carpathia, we get it. We are here to revolutionize networking.

In speaking with a colleague last week who is leading a VC backed Series A Startup, he said the biggest thing missing from the events he attends are opportunities to actually foster relationships. We talked a lot about events being the starting point of a relationship rather than an end all, be all. For him, it’s not about the initial meetings, it’s about what comes next. This means being in an environment that facilitates those connections is critical to effective networking.

We completely agree. Here are three key components  that Carpathia's summits integrate to deliver the solution to this need. 

1. Instead of back-to-back presentations from anybody who will take the podium, we offer you limited content with a handful of presentations from thought leaders alongside moderated round table discussions so that you can craft your own dialogue. 

2. No more awkward networking events like assigned seating at lunches while a vendor pitches you in the background. We are taking you off-site for bucket-list networking in the form an excursion. If you think building relationships with like minded people through an afternoon of sailing, golfing, or perhaps feeding a shark sounds like it's more likely to create bonds than a forced luncheon, we agree. 

3. Quality over quantity. Simple as that. We are curating an intimate audience of high-quality participants. Instead of weeding your way through a thousand people to find the handful that you are excited to connect with, we are cutting out the noise and delivering your ideal audience. Carpathia summits are invitation only. 

If all (or any) of this sounds interesting or maybe even exciting to you, please reach out to us!

You can visit our website at www.carpathiasummits.com 

You can connect with Leslie Venetz our VP of Business Development at Leslie@CarpathiaSummits.com, at www.linkedin.com/in/leslievenetz or on Twitter @LeslieVenetz and please follow us on Linkedin and Twitter @TeamCarpathia 

We look forward to learning from you and growing with you while we revolutionize how you envision networking!

Carpathia Lands Veteran Event Exec.

Carpathia Lands Veteran Event Exec.


Carpathia Marketing LLC appoints Vice President of Business Development

Bucket-List Networking Firm Lands Veteran Event Exec.


Chicago, IL – January, 2017


Carpathia Marketing LLC is pleased to announce that Leslie Venetz has joined the company to develop their innovative events portfolio. Venetz comes with a wealth of experience in the events industry, having spent the last decade at Marcus Evans Group, a billion dollar global event industry leader. An executive consistently finishing in the top 5 with her sales performance, she also served the management role of sales director over B2B sales. Venetz was instrumental in launching numerous event verticals in a variety of markets and growing a high-performance, sizable sales team.

Leslie joins Carpathia as Vice President, Business Development to spearhead Carpathia’s growth and commitment to "revolutionize the way you network." Venetz comments, “I am very excited to join the Carpathia team and disrupt the traditional events space with the new concept of Bucket-List networking. For years, I have listened to my clients wish for more exciting ways to create lasting partnerships during events and that is exactly what Carpathia does. Plus, hosting these events in locations like the Caribbean and South Africa doesn’t hurt!”

Buck Peavey, Founder of Carpathia Marketing, said “Leslie’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge has already made her a key addition to the Carpathia family. We view her appointment, as a commitment to the success of our innovative new business model. Her experience will allow us to meet the demand for Carpathia's Bucket-List networking events. I am confident that Leslie will play a critical role in providing the highest quality of service to our customers as we expand our business.”

Connect with Leslie on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/leslievenetz and to learn more about Carpathia follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @TeamCarpathia.

About Carpathia Summits

Carpathia Summits, a division of Carpathia Marketing LLC,  is an innovative events company (www.carpathiasummits.com) offering customers a chance to build deeper business relationships through unique, adventure-driven, five-star networking events. Fully-vetted, invitation-only, high-level, decision-maker buyers are strategically matched with top-of-class vendor suppliers. Summits focus on idea sharing, relationship acceleration, and -- most importantly adventure networking sure to build lasting bonds. Everyone has a Bucket-List for their career and their personal life. Carpathia helps you check off your lists! 



Buck Peavey CEO / Founder




Creation of unique networking event company. Carpathia Marketing.

Creation of unique networking event company. Carpathia Marketing.

Press Release

Carpathia Marketing: Revolutionizing the Way You Network

Announcing the Creation of Bucket-List Networking

Kansas City, MO – July 8, 2016

Buck Peavey, CEO of The Peavey Corporation, announced the creation of the innovative event company, Carpathia Marketing LLC. Named after the RMS Carpathia which rescued Titanic survivors, Carpathia rescues businesses from unproductive marketing, trade shows, and boring networking. Peavey and his team are creating Bucket-List networking events focused on relationship acceleration. The events that feature one-on-one buyer / supplier meetings, are hosted at 5-star resorts at dream locations around the world. If that sounds like a great break from the norm, you’re not the only one that thinks so.

As CEO at The Peavey Corporation, Mr. Peavey has attended and hosted plenty of trade shows and networking events over the years. Dozens each year. Peavey also held the responsibilities of CMO where he has personally invested tens of millions of his family business dollars on a variety of direct marketing efforts aimed at generating sales. Whether it was a trade show, expo, conference, forum, direct mailing, advertisement, telemarketing campaign, etc... one thing was always true, traditional events, shows, and marketing efforts in this new digital world simply do not build meaningful, deeper business or personal relationships. As a result, return on investment is more difficult. Peavey learned first hand that networking events with a speed dating concept produced far better results. 

Inspired by the first hand results of networking events, a love of meeting new people, the thrill of exploring new destinations, and the powerful bonds that are created through adventure, teamwork, and competition, Carpathia Summits were created. Carpathia's mission is to "revolutionize the way you network."

Mr. Peavey shared his vision to pursue this independent venture in the event space, “I’ve attended hundreds of events aimed at sales generation. I left most of them questioning the value we received.  I am extremely excited to launch Carpathia as a way to bring customers a vastly different event that will save them time, make them big money, and allow them to build deeper, more meaningful business partnerships... all in a Bucket-List, awesome environment.” Carpathia will officially launch in 2017, with offices in Kansas City, Chicago, and St. Louis. If you are interested in events that are sure to create genuine connections in amazing locations, please visit the company website or follow Carpathia on Twitter and LinkedIn.  #

Contact: Carpathia Marketing LLC - Buck Peavey

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