Question: What Tradeshow, seminar, summit, or meeting has you on a 63' Catamaran or exploring a reef in a submarine? Answer: None. (Until now). 

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It's proven that common experience between humans is what bonds the most. So in our pursuit in finding new business partners why are we spending so much time handing out freebies, walking long aisles and sitting for hours in un-comfy chairs in boring windowless meeting rooms? Makes no sense. The terms "Bucket-List Networking" and "Adventure Networking" have been coined by Carpathia. A different way of bonding "like individuals" that focusses on creating common experience. 

"The key to building strong relationships and trust is simple but often ignored... you must first create the environment for bonding"  commented Carpathia CEO and Founder Buck Peavey. "We have lost true relationship building in the business world. We live In a day and age of choosing our business partners based on email marketing tricks, texts, and social media posts. Technology tracks us, our behaviors, and our buying patterns. Then the non-personal technology strikes when we least expect it, placing in front of us the perfect business partner we should trust. Our partner choice often ends up being the one doing the best job of tracking our computer or phone behavior, searches etc... the one with the most savvy marketing team wins. We are quickly passed to a lower level non-decision making sales rep that "Closes us".

Down the road, we then wonder why our business partners are often not really the perfect fit we thought they were. We wonder why they don't jump through hoops to solve the challenges that always come up, the delivery schedules or quality standards that are not met. Many, then head to massive Tradeshows and expo halls searching for that true partner that can be met personally, the one that will have their back. These are great for viewing the latest products on the market but typically are so large and chaotic that finding true, trusted, long term business relationships are impossible." Peavey concludes. "You must spend more than five minutes with a distracted busy person to make a fit. Ideally you spend time with them in a relaxed setting not a hectic booth". 

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This different philosphy will be on full display in Grand Cayman at Carpathia's Hospitality summit where matched buyers and suppliers will board Submarines, pull their scuba masks on, snorkel with the Sea turtles and visit the famed Stingray city on a 63' Catamaran. 

"Golfing used to be the standard for building business relationships outside of major Tradeshows. Spending all day with only one, two, or three other people swinging that darn club is indeed fun, but Sailing, Snorkeling, or hiking an exotic nature trail on a remote island in the middle of the ocean with a like minded group of true decision makers... is... well.... BETTER!". Peavey added. 

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