Kansas City, MO. -  Carpathia Summits is pleased to announce that HOTEL JACKPOT will be a Major Sponsor at the 2018 Hospitality Summit. Hotel Jackpot prides itself on being more than a hospitality staff incentive company. The company has revolutionized staff safety, performance, sales, and wellness programs in over 13 countries and most major industries. 

Hotel Jackpot is the first staff incentive recognition system that features gamification which has been proven to deliver far more effective results compared to common "dangle the carrot" type incentive programs. Scratch off gamecards are delivered online and directly onto mobile phones to hotel employees that meet set safety, productivity, employee retention, wellness etc... criteria. Those companies that do not have existing programs in place need not worry, the platform includes options that deliver training, education, employee referral and performance measurements attached to any area that a hotel needs improvement. 

Return on investment and easy administration are two other focus areas for Hotel Jackpot. The program has a two decade track record of delivering ROI within weeks. The program is also incredibly easy to administer. Most of the training delivery and rewarding is automated. Staff also enjoys the ability to be rewarded for their retention of hotel training. The program automatically delivers training, quizzes and then rewards instantly.

Hotels are not the only beneficiaries. Separately branded programs can be customized for construction, and manufacturing companies among others.  

Schedule a One-on-One Discovery Meeting with Hotel Jackpot at the 2018 Hospitality Summit in Grand Cayman!

 About Hotel Jackpot

Hotel Jackpot is a division of the family owned Peavey Corporation. The company has a 70+ year history of creating innovative products and solutions in each industry it serves. This revolutionary "Jackpot" system first starting out as "Safety Jackpot", has gained worldwide attention for its ability to lower workplace accidents by over 60% and boost staff performance significantly while delivering quick ROI. 

 About Carpathia Summits

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