Inspire Creativity at Work by Leaving the Office

There are endless articles touting the values of work/life balance. As dreamy as it would be to take 3 months off each year for self-care, that is not the reality most of us live in.

 Bucket-List Networking is a much-needed compromise. We’re here to show you a funway to accelerate essentialbusiness relationships, saving you time & money.

Research done on the importance of changing your environment, proves that your brain becomes active in ways that encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

How many of you already have a peaceful outdoor setting as your screensaver? Maybe you spend a few moments each day looking at a picture andwishing you were there...? Stop lusting after your screensaver and make that view a reality.

According to, Just as the sound of water can block out overstimulating noises, the sight of a sparkling ocean or lake horizon is less "busy" than what you'd see in most rooms. The visual data your eyes take in send the message to the brain not to shut down, but merely towork in a different, less hyped way. For some individuals, the stark lines between the shore, water and sky might contribute to a feeling of being balanced, grounded and in control, offering focal points that deliver aclearer message to the brainabout where they physically are in space.

According to, unfocused employees are one of the most significant drains on company resources. Luckily,Carpathia has the answer – Bucket-List Networkingin paradise locations. asks, Are you spending most of your [time in the office] daydreaming, looking-up trips to the Caribbean, or playing the latest game fad on your smartphone? Those are all red flags that you aren’t focused on your work and need to get away from the workplace for a bit.”

 Carpathia offers you an opportunity to get away from your workplace without using those cherished vacation days. We all need to refresh and recharge to be our most productive selves.

According to The Atlantic, the answer to a more creative brain can be as simple as travel. Soaking up new cultures, foods, and sights allows your brain to process ideas in a new way.

Research from Scientific America proves that a rested brain is more creative.

 Scientific America states that the best type of restful activity is often vigorous and mentally engaging. These types of activities are restorative because they offer a break from your normal working life.

The experience of having the mind slightly relaxed allows it to explore different combinations of ideas, to test out different solutions. And then once it has arrived at one that looks promising, that is what pops into your head as an Aha! Moment.”

Are you ready to experience your Aha! Moment while learning from your peers and establishing beneficial partnerships?

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