In September, just over a hundred elite hospitality and design leaders took to the air across the vast Atlantic, threading the needle between some named storms, they glanced out of their little oval shaped windows as they flew over Cuba, then 30 min later landing seemingly in the middle of nowhere on the gorgeous island of Grand Cayman in the turquoise Caribbean.

Yes, the food, drink and service in a newly renovated resort was absolutely spectacular, but what really made this event special was the attendees themselves. We could write this blog telling you all about the magic bonding that took place between amazing suppliers and elite VIP buyers, but we think it’s better to simply quote those that attended.

I can easily say it was the best networking event I've ever had the pleasure of attending in my lengthy career.” 


“My favorite part was the scale of the event. We built a lot of great bonded connections at this event!”  

Danielle Allen VP Design Marriott

“I had a great and productive time… The Carpathia Hospitality Summit was a unique, immersive networking experience”  Moderator of the Carpathia Panel discussions -

Ellen Fisher - DEAN -  NY School of Interior Design

“What an incredible experience I had at the Carpathia Summit!  …. I made incredible contacts!”  -

 Thom Forsyth – ROCKWELL GROUP

“A very well run event – It was easy to meet a lot of people, we had the time to actually have conversations”  

Patrick Burke – Principal - Michael Graves Architecture & Design

“I was able to connect with new vendors, many of which I have done business with since returning back home!”  

Melissa Banko BANKO DESIGN

 “A great event and very well organized and moderated!!!”   

Christoph Eisenack – Signify (Formerly Phillips Lighting)

“Easily one of the most valuable events I’ve participated in….. Carpathia nailed it!”  


“The Carpathia event met all my hopes and expectations!”  

Ralph Genova – RAB Lighting

"This was a week not to miss… Great connections with a lot of new potential business" 

Mitch Sebolsky – Hirsh Glass

Tradeshows can be fun…

…if of course you think numb feet, a sore back, and only a few qualified business cards in your hand is “Fun”. The 2018 Carpathia Cayman event was a Bucket-List experience shared with like people. The business connections were made and cemented by a variety of bonding experiences that Carpathia organized. Of course the one-on-one meetings, panel discussions, and round tables were great (and similar to other summits), but the difference is in the Carpathia laid back vibe and the unique shared experiences that bonded everyone together.

“Yes, I had an absolute blast in Cayman, but the amazing thing is that I have since now flown coast to coast to meet up with three buyers that I connected with at the event. I’m now working on some new major Hospitality projects as a result of Carpathia!!… this was WAY better than other events where I either see the same people or they are too large to actually connect with people at all.”

2018 Carpathia Hospitality Summit Attendee (Supplier)

Luau (Night Two) - Yes… dancing broke out on the beach

Luau (Night Two) - Yes… dancing broke out on the beach

Carpathia One-on-One meetings with vetted, high quality decision makers

Carpathia One-on-One meetings with vetted, high quality decision makers

2019 design hospitality summit even better?

“I’m afraid to say it… but it’s true… we have some really exciting plans for the ‘19 Cayman Summit. Let’s just say the bonding excursions will be very exciting. We don’t want to create some sort of mad frenzy or anything… so we are trying to be quiet about it… let’s just keep this on the “down low”. People are going to go nuts over this once the word gets out…. so…. Shhhhh!” Commented Buck Peavey Carpathia’s Founder, CEO and former Tradeshow dreader. Plans are being finalized now for the 2019 Design Hospitality Summit. Hold on to your hats people.

About Carpathia Summits

Carpathia Summits is an innovative (down to earth) events company ( offering it’s highly vetted, quality, decision maker, attendees a chance to build meaningful connections through Bucket-list networking events. Carpathia creates high-level, laid back, casual yet high class Summits focused on idea-sharing, relationship acceleration, and – most importantly – adventure networking sure to build lasting bonds. 


Carpathia Summits

Julie Schumacher, President