The article below, was originally published by American Express. "7 key ways to attract new customers". The seven ways are outlined in detail at the link at the bottom of this thread. 

This article highlights 5 that Carpathia can help you accomplish today!

The bottom line? Attending a single, well-planned event, is an efficient and cost effective way to quickly scratch off 72% of this to-do list. Scroll to the bottom to request more information or submit an application to join us at a Carpathia Bucket-List Networking Summit.

# 1 – Identify Your Ideal Client

How many times have you had a great conversation with a prospect who loves your product only to find out that they aren’t a decision-maker or don’t have a budget? As you work to grow your business and expand your roster of happy clients, you simply don’t have time to meet with people who can’t become a customer.

SOLVED: We vet all of the VIP Buyers that attend Carpathia Summits. Prior to your Bucket-List Networking event, you get access to a list of your fully-qualified “ideal clients”. From that list, you can review potential client’s needs, profiles, and biographies to determine who your best prospects will be during the Summit. Stop wasting time. Starting building relationships with buyers.

# 2 – Discover Where Your Customer Lives

In this age of social selling, where traditional sales processes and ways of reaching customers seem to constantly be evolving it can be difficult to get noticed.

SOLVED: Let us do the work for you. Our experienced team will curate an audience of your “ideal clients” for 2.5 days of relationship acceleration. All of our Summits are hosted at gorgeous, destination 5-star resorts. Trust us – your customers won’t mind living there for a few days!

# 4 – Position Yourself as the Answer

You believe in your product. You know that your product or service can solve your client’s needs better than your competitors. Now how do you convey that passion and value to your ideal clients in an authentic and persuasive way?

SOLVED: At Carpathia Summits, you will get plenty of face-time with the other attendees. No need for an elevator pitch here. Sit down for dinner on the beach and talk about business goals, moderate a Round Table Discussion and position yourself as a Thought Leader, or simply see if there is a mutual fit during a cocktail reception.

# 6 – Build Partnerships

SOLVED: This one doesn’t need an explanation. This is what Bucket-List Networking is made for. Our Summits are a direct response to boring traditional events where you waste time wandering through booths and hoping to find one qualified buyer to pitch. Networking can be fun, meaningful, and productive.

# 7 – Follow up

Follow up is easier said than done. You don’t really know if the person is interested. Are they just busy or are they ignoring your emails and phone calls. However, we all know that follow up is the key to ultimately getting a deal done.

SOLVED: We coach our Sponsors to ensure they make the most of each One-on-One Discovery Meetings. Bucket-List Networking creates strong bonds and more meaningful connections than any other event you’ve ever attended, but it is still the first step. Follow up is critical and we will guide you through best practices.


One Carpathia Bucket-List Networking Summit has solved 5 out of 7 key ways to attract new customers. If filling your pipelines to the brim and creating measurable company growth over the course of 2.5 days in a paradise location sounds great... reach out now. Let’s find a way to support your business development goals.


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