Why Our form of networking drives better results.

We've all been to the event where you wander aimlessly through the confusing expo hall booths, exchange business cards with people you know you'll never follow-up with, and sit through hours of content lacking in any new ideas. When you get home?  A pile of fog, confusion, and then some of them call you to follow-up.  You don't even remember them but you act like you do. Afterall, you met with hundreds of them. 

Over the past two months, full of hours upon hours of research and dozens of conversations with potential customers, it's been made clear that everybody wants to network. As much as everybody talks about wanting to grow their network, what they really want is to grow their network with peers and colleagues who can make a meaningful contribution to their success. LinkedIN certainly has helped focus the audience of networking... but it does not have the ability to truly build relationships. 

At Carpathia, we get it. We are here to revolutionize networking.

In speaking with a colleague last week who is leading a VC backed Series A Startup, he said the biggest thing missing from the events he attends are opportunities to actually foster relationships. We talked a lot about events being the starting point of a relationship rather than an end all, be all. For him, it’s not about the initial meetings, it’s about what comes next. This means being in an environment that facilitates those connections is critical to effective networking.

We completely agree. Here are three key components  that Carpathia's summits integrate to deliver the solution to this need. 

1. Instead of back-to-back presentations from anybody who will take the podium, we offer you limited content with a handful of presentations from thought leaders alongside moderated round table discussions so that you can craft your own dialogue. 

2. No more awkward networking events like assigned seating at lunches while a vendor pitches you in the background. We are taking you off-site for bucket-list networking in the form an excursion. If you think building relationships with like minded people through an afternoon of sailing, golfing, or perhaps feeding a shark sounds like it's more likely to create bonds than a forced luncheon, we agree. 

3. Quality over quantity. Simple as that. We are curating an intimate audience of high-quality participants. Instead of weeding your way through a thousand people to find the handful that you are excited to connect with, we are cutting out the noise and delivering your ideal audience. Carpathia summits are invitation only. 

If all (or any) of this sounds interesting or maybe even exciting to you, please reach out to us!

You can visit our website at www.carpathiasummits.com 

You can connect with Leslie Venetz our VP of Business Development at Leslie@CarpathiaSummits.com, at www.linkedin.com/in/leslievenetz or on Twitter @LeslieVenetz and please follow us on Linkedin and Twitter @TeamCarpathia 

We look forward to learning from you and growing with you while we revolutionize how you envision networking!