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Carpathia Marketing: Revolutionizing the Way You Network

Announcing the Creation of Bucket-List Networking

Kansas City, MO – July 8, 2016

Buck Peavey, CEO of The Peavey Corporation, announced the creation of the innovative event company, Carpathia Marketing LLC. Named after the RMS Carpathia which rescued Titanic survivors, Carpathia rescues businesses from unproductive marketing, trade shows, and boring networking. Peavey and his team are creating Bucket-List networking events focused on relationship acceleration. The events that feature one-on-one buyer / supplier meetings, are hosted at 5-star resorts at dream locations around the world. If that sounds like a great break from the norm, you’re not the only one that thinks so.

As CEO at The Peavey Corporation, Mr. Peavey has attended and hosted plenty of trade shows and networking events over the years. Dozens each year. Peavey also held the responsibilities of CMO where he has personally invested tens of millions of his family business dollars on a variety of direct marketing efforts aimed at generating sales. Whether it was a trade show, expo, conference, forum, direct mailing, advertisement, telemarketing campaign, etc... one thing was always true, traditional events, shows, and marketing efforts in this new digital world simply do not build meaningful, deeper business or personal relationships. As a result, return on investment is more difficult. Peavey learned first hand that networking events with a speed dating concept produced far better results. 

Inspired by the first hand results of networking events, a love of meeting new people, the thrill of exploring new destinations, and the powerful bonds that are created through adventure, teamwork, and competition, Carpathia Summits were created. Carpathia's mission is to "revolutionize the way you network."

Mr. Peavey shared his vision to pursue this independent venture in the event space, “I’ve attended hundreds of events aimed at sales generation. I left most of them questioning the value we received.  I am extremely excited to launch Carpathia as a way to bring customers a vastly different event that will save them time, make them big money, and allow them to build deeper, more meaningful business partnerships... all in a Bucket-List, awesome environment.” Carpathia will officially launch in 2017, with offices in Kansas City, Chicago, and St. Louis. If you are interested in events that are sure to create genuine connections in amazing locations, please visit the company website or follow Carpathia on Twitter and LinkedIn.  #

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