Carpathia Summits is here to rescue you from boring, traditional networking events.

Like you, we were sick of wandering aimlessly through expo halls hoping to find a pertinent vendor or eagerly searching hundreds of faces to identify that one key connection in the crowd. There are a handful of traps that the majority of events fall prey to:

Presentations are full of dry, pre-planned content.

Outside of a few exceptional timely speakers, you are left with a list of speakers presenting topics that they believe themselves to be “experts” on and that, often, have little relevance for the audience members. This reliance on pre-determined content stifles the creative dialogue that happens so naturally when you bring together a group of like-minded people.

 Limited time for networking.

Traditional events just hope that somehow attendees are able to create meaningful connections while grabbing a cup of coffee between sessions or while shoveling eggs & bacon in their mouth at a continental breakfast. If exciting networking opportunities are not being cultivated and fostered by the event organizers, arguably, the most important reason to attend an event is an after-thought rather than a core factor.

 Forced progression of events.

Creating structure that is too rigid encourages attendees to wine & dine key prospects outside of the event just to get a bit of one-on-one time or to sneak away if they hope to have a semi-private conversation. Traditional events do not create an environment where time is set aside to create genuine connections. Hosted activities are solely focused on giving vendors more time to pitch instead of providing all attendees a chance to connect in a more authentic way, fostering a real bond that can lead to a long-term partnership.

Do these event woes sound familiar?

We know that stronger relationships are created when we get face time with others. According to HubSpot, “85% of people say they build stronger, more meaningful relationships during in-person meetings.” Events are essential to your business. We want them to be fun again. Carpathia is here to revolutionize the way you network with relationship-based acceleration.

Carpathia is determined to disrupt the traditional event model by balancing the need for structure with an openness which allows each attendee to drive the dialogue. Pre-scheduled One-on-One Discovery Meetings will be complemented with bonding activities like a Murder/Mystery Dinner, off-site Adventure Networking Excursions, and moderated Round Table conversations.

Often when we think about Disruptors, our minds immediately jump to SaSS products heavily used by Millennials – think Uber, AirBnB, DropBox, WeWork, SoFi and the list goes on. You might be surprised to read that the oldest Millennials are 35 already. Many of them currently hold prestigious executive positions and that percentage will only grow. According to an Eventbrite study, published by Entrepreneur Magazine, “Millennials see shared experience as key to bonding: 79% feel that going to live events with others helps deepen their relationships & 69% believe attending events makes them feel more connected to people.”

 How many of your customers fall in to the Millennial bracket? You won’t find those prospects at Tradeshows & Expos so it’s time to think about a new strategy.

Carpathia Summits is here to answer the call for better events that create more meaningful connections at Bucket-List destinations. Events can save you time, provide innovative ways to overcome challenges, and increase your revenue all while you create lasting memories!

Are you picturing yourself in an afternoon meeting on the white sand beaches of Puerto Rico or making your best guess at a blind wine tasting in Napa? See what Bucket-List Networking events are being hosted in your industry at

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